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Educational Management

A Brief History of the Department

The Department was one of the foundation Departments with which the University commenced operation in 1976. It started with 4 foundation academic staff and 200 students. It also started by offering a 3- year course at first degree level only. Its scope of academic programmes has widened to include 4 and 3 year First Degree programme. Masters Degree, Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Management (PGDEM) and Doctoral Degree.

The Department also cooperates with the Institute of Education to run both Sandwich and part-time Courses in Educational Management at both Bachelors and Masters Degree levels.


  1. To produce high level manpower in the areas of Educational Planning and Administration to meet the challenges of education in Nigeria.
  2. To provide avenue for teaching and research in Educational Planning and Administration and disseminate research outcomes to the Community.

The department maintains an enviable record of excellent academic performance annually. It also parades mature and levelheaded students who have been making significant contributions to the development of the department and the university.

The department is located at the PERMANENT SITE of the University via Tanke Area of Ilorin Township. The Department maintains a student-friendly environment with hardworking staff who are always ready to assist. It also has comfortable Reading Room supplied with books, magazines, newspapers, mimeographs, etc. It also has a seminar room with adequate facilities for staff and post-graduate students.