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Human Kinetics Education

The Department of Human Kinetics Education started with Certificate and Diploma Programmes in October, 1980.  Between October, 1981 and September, 2005, the Department has grown by leaps and bounds offers programmes leading to the award of Bachelor of Science (Education) Degree  in two (2) programmes; Human Kinetics and Health Education.  It also offers Mater of Education (M.Ed.) degrees and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in both programmes with specializations in Administration of human Kinetics Education and Sports, Exercise Physiology, Health Education, Adapted Human Kinetics Education, Sports Management, Curriculum in Human Kinetics Education, Sociology of Human Kinetics Education and Sports and Sports Psychology.

To its credit, the department had hosted a number of National Association Conferences and Workshops.  It is deeply involved in the Institute of Education Programmes.

Organizational Structure.
(a) Personnel Administration
 i. Academic Staff   - 14
 ii. Senior Staff (Non-Academic) -  3
 iii. Junior Staff (Non – Academic) -  5
(b) Staff are actively involved in the decision-making process and in general  administration through the Committees of the department and the statutory and or Emergency department/Department Board of examiners meetings(s).
© Departmental policy on staff development is largely informed and tailored to the University wide policies.
(d) Staff promotion is largely tailored towards the University guidelines and  conditions for promotion of staff.  These are subject to vacancies especially to the professorial cadre.  Promotion is initiated by the departmental  A&PC

Student’s Welfare

  1. Handling of academic grievances
  2. These are done through:
  3. Departmental committee on Welfare matters
  4. Departmental Disciplinary committee
  5. Student academic advising

   This is  done  through:

  1.  Students level advisers
  2.  Departmental wide consultations and Counseling
  3.  See Departmental handbook.

(a) Setting questions, conducting examinations, evaluation  moderation of questions and  schemes-internally  and externally for degree examinations and the issuance of results.  
These are in line with the University guidelines and policies.

Academic Atmosphere
(a)  Any policy adopted and practiced by the College/School/Faculty Department in pursuit of academic standards and maintenance of  academic atmosphere
(1) Students 75% class attendance
(2) Compulsory participation in course practical, Laboratory activities and fitness programmes
(3) Involvement in practicum and Community Survey/Diagnosis. 

ACADEMIC CONTENT:                
 Existing Curriculum for Programme/Sub-Discipline/Discipline Attach to this Form, the complete and current prospectus which should include:

  • Programme Title: Human Kinetics Education  
  • Programme/Sub-Discipline/Discipline Philosophy and objectives:
  • Programme Philosophy and Objectives
    The programme in Health Promotion and Environmental Health Education is designed to provide opportunity for intensive study and attainment of specific competencies needed from effective teaching and research.  The programme is further designed to prepare professionally qualified teachers in Human Kinetics Education.  In view of the entrepreneurship emphasis of the Government on programme offerings, the programme is being reshaped to guarantee that offerings lead to entrepreneur endeavors by beneficiaries.

Specific Objectives of Human Kinetics Education

  1. To produce adaptable, industrious, committed and professionally competent Human Kinetics Education Teachers.
  2. To produce technical personnel such as Coaches, Sports Psychologists,  Team Managers and Sports Administrators who are in high demand in directing coaching programmes in all sports coordinating and sponsoring institutions.
  3. To develop in the students relevant skills that are needed to man tourist industries such that will allow them to serve to manage.
  4. To conduct research in human movements and other aspects of Human Kinetics Education and Sports that will help to find solution to the  various problems relating to exercise