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Omosewo listed among most successful home-managers

The Director of the University of Ilorin Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB), Prof. Esther Ore Omosewo, has been listed among the most successful women in the country, who have managed their homes and made significant impact in their chosen professions.

In a special report, “Nigeria's Most Inspirational Women” in its Sunday, July 29, 2018 edition, Nigeria's authoritative newspaper, The Guardian rated Prof. Omosewo as someone who has guided her vision with humility, hard-work and selflessness.

“Inspired by Prof. Grace Alele-Williams and Prof. Bolanle Awe, the Yeye-Oba of Ijan-Otun,  has nurtured and inspired many youths, some of whom are contributing to nation-building today”, the report stated, adding that Prof. Omosewo, who was “born into a disciplined Christian family, is the first female Professor of Physics Education in Nigeria” and “one of the women who have made their lives a road map for younger women who are focused on achieving genuine success in life”.

The report also described the Unilorin JUPEB Director as “an amiable but disciplined teacher who is always promoting girl-child education”.

In the report, Prof. Omosewo explained what she believed is responsible for the erosion of moral values among young ladies in today's Nigeria. She said, “Girls of today want to get rich quickly as they are excessively extravagant and myopic in their approach to challenges”, adding that “girls of nowadays want to live a posh life without working for it. They give in easily to men in big vehicles and many of them get carried away by money rather than substance. Wherever there are fraudsters (yahoo boys), girls are always found there to seek unsolicited attention. Girls of today do not know that they can live a good life when they take charge of their life”.

The accomplished educationist, who believes that Nigerian scientists are up to the task, opined that many of them who have left for countries that place premium on research and industrialization have continued to break new grounds.

Despite her confidence in the capability of Nigerian scientists, the Professor of Physics Education stressed the need for continuous reform of the curriculum at every level of the nation's educational system.

She said, “Any teaching/learning that is not practicable is unworthy”, adding that in preparing the Nigerian girls for a better tomorrow, “most parents think girls should not be adequately educated because the girls will end up in men's houses”.

Prof. Omosewo, who noted that though most parents' beliefs on Nigeria girls are true, pointed out that when a girl is trained to cater for herself, she will not only be useful to herself but also to the household.

She said, “I am in my matrimonial home and I built the house my parents occupied before their demise in my town”, adding that “women are responsible people. If a man does not have a good wife he may not take care of his parents. But a good wife takes care of her parents as well as her parents-in-law. So, I appeal to parents to give quality education as well as good moral doctrines to their children, especially the female”.